Thursday, January 28, 2010

To Rest or Not to Rest, That Is the Question

Tonight I am faced with a choice: stay up and learn a new song like I promised myself I'd do every day this year, or go to bed like my body is telling me to do, thereby taking care of myself like I promised I'd do this year.

It's always about priorities, isn't it? I was even co-writing an original musical about choices and priorities, until I recently realized that composing musicals is not a priority in my life. Music directing other people's musicals, arranging music for musicals, playing for musicals, yes - but not writing my own, at least right now.

Another night I might make myself a cup of tea and stay up and learn a song. But last night the insides of my sinuses exploded into my second cold of the year ($^*^&#% I just got over a cold last week!), so I'll head to bed this time.

Good night. ACHOO!!


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  2. Hello Kat,

    I hope you get well. Soup does the trick even out of a can. It's pretty darn cold out there, today, I hope you are staying warm.