Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hey Jude


10:30 p.m.
Won't you please join me in a moment of cranky? Because I am in a horrific mood. Really horrible. I have nothing to say about today's song, because I haven't started on it yet.

Not adjusting well to being back in the city. Nothing's really wrong, I'm just having a hard time remembering why I live in such a cold, pressure-cooking, crazy-making money-sieve as this. I have managed to collect a few too many things on my plate, and I'm trying to figure out how to make it work and/or simplify (yeah, I know, the irony that I imposed this project on myself is priceless, isn't it??).

My trip home to New Mexico was a reminder that some people have never participated in this frantic lifestyle, and they're just fine. Hm. I hope that going to a show tomorrow night will remind me why I'm here (aside from the fact that I would probably die of boredom in New Mexico). Meanwhile, I will get my whiny ass to the piano and try to be done preparing some stuff for tomorrow and learning "Hey Jude" by midnight or so. Harrumph. Take a sad song and make it better, indeed. I'll tell ya where to take your sad song and -

Ok. My boyfriend is making a grocery run for me. I didn't even ask him to do that, he's just sweet and helpful like that, even when I'm breathing fire and threatening to bite his head off. And, speaking of fire, I have heat and hot water and a decent landlord, which is more than some of my friends here have right now. So that's not so bad, right? C'mon, man, I'm tryin'...

1 a.m.
I would like to report that I did take a sad song, and I did make it better. It hardly took any time at all. Also, I get extra credit for reading the wiki article about it. Woo hoo!

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